Scholar Development & Fellowship Advising

Established in 2022, the Office of Scholar Development and Fellowship Advising supports students and recent graduates from across the university in their development as scholars through pursuit of nationally and internationally competitive awards. In collaboration with campus and community partners, we engage students through outreach and advising to help them identify and compete for external awards that provide pathways to scholarly, professional, and personal growth.

What we do

We support students through the process of applying for national and international awards by raising awareness of external competitions, facilitating positive mentoring relationships, organizing university endorsement and guiding applicants through meaningful reflection, decision-making, and articulation of goals. We encourage students through the iterative process of drafting applications and, in some cases, interviewing for awards. We believe that this process can play a critical role in students’ personal, intellectual, and professional growth while challenging them to be competitive at DU and far beyond.

What are external fellowships?

In most cases, external fellowships and scholarships are funding, often with some programming, that can help you pursue a purposeful activity, such as research, language study, or public service.

Find the right fit.

There are hundreds of nationally and internationally competitive awards out there! Find the competitions that are a good fit for you by considering the following factors:

  • Demographic eligibility (citizenship, age, identity factors)

  • Academic eligibility (field of study, GPA, graduation timeline)

  • How well the goals and priorities of an award align with your own goals and priorities (professional plans, geographic considerations)

  • Timeline (deadline, application components, when the award begins)

For Faculty & Staff

Your support can make all the difference for students considering external fellowships! Click through to serve on a committee, get tips for strong recommendations, and refer your students for advising.

More than the award.

Applying for an external fellowship has benefits well beyond the award itself. The process of thoughtfully pursuing an award can improve confidence and clarity around your goals and plans for the future, stronger relationships with your mentors, and broader academic and professional networks.


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